PROJECT 01 - Building Congregational Climate Action Teams

The bread and butter of our work is building congregation-based climate action teams.  These teams are made up of members of the faith community and they seek to do three things:

     1) run education initiatives to teach the community about the climate crisis and engage them on a faith basis; 

     2) lead the community through household carbon footprint reduction campaigns to reduce their emissions; and

     3) help them to take action beyond themselves through political advocacy and partnership in community climate initiatives.

Currently, we have a climate action team made up of members from three churches in the Hunting Park neighborhood of North Philadelphia - Spirit and Truth Fellowship, One Hope Community Church, and 8th Street Community Church.  If you want to get connected with this team, contact Allen Drew.

We have begun dialog at three other Philadelphia metro region churches.  As new congregations start teams and join our work, they will be listed here, along with a contact person for each.

If you are interested in starting a climate action team at your own church community, please contact Allen.

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