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CAMPAIGN 01 - Building Congregational Climate Engagement

The bread and butter of our work is building congregation-based climate engagement.  Our regional coordinator, Allen Drew, can approach this in several ways: 

     1) One-Time Presentations - He can come to a gathering or event and teach the community about the climate crisis and how to become engaged from a faith perspective.  A teaching series he did in January 2022 can be found at

     2) Carbon Footprint Reduction Campaigns - He can lead a congregation through a campaign to reduce household emissions and increase interest in lower-carbon living.

     3) Build a Climate Action Team - He can work with a congregation to develop its own climate leadership team.

     4) Networking Congregations - He can connect congregations with regional climate resources, events, and actions.  

If you are interested in having the CWP come to facilitate climate engagement at your own faith community, please contact Allen.

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