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CAMPAIGN 05 - Other Partnerships

Our regional organizer is involved in several other partnerships in the area.  

He is on the working group for the PREACT initiative (Planning for Resilience and Equity through Accessible Community Technology), which is headed by Temple Professor Christina Rosan.  PREACT is building a multi-layered digital map of Philadelphia that will allow people to view the cumulative impacts of different environmental justice issues on their communities.  For example, one map might convey extreme heat, while another shows air quality, and other shows poverty levels.  Layering these maps on top of each other allows people to see their neighborhood's cumulative vulnerabilites, which is an important tool for advocating for important policy changes.  The team is working to design a user-friendly app that will allow people to access this map. You can read an article about PREACT here.

We are also working to spread purple air monitors around the region, which monitor a wide range of different air quality characteristics and publicize them online in real time.  You can view the purple air monitor map and learn more about it at  

Our organizer is also connected with (though not currently actively participating in), Geodelphia, which is an initiative advocating for the installation of geothermal technology in the Philadelphia area.  You can learn more about Geodelphia at

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