The Climate Witness Project is a faith-based climate justice organization that is a joint initiative of the Christian Reformed Church, North America (CRCNA) and the global humanitarian organization World Renew.  We have organizers working in regions throughout the United States and Canada.  We are motivated by our Christian faith to partner with church communities, other faith communities, and neighborhood, non-profit, and government partners to build the political and social will to take meaningful and urgent action on the climate crisis. 

We do our work primarily through public policy advocacy, energy stewardship guidance, worship resources, awareness-raising, and education, and we are particularly aware of the disproportionately severe impact of climate change on poor communities and communities of color.  Ultimately, we envision a world that echoes God's love for creation, is engaging in a racially and economically just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, and is helping communities to adapt to the impacts of climate change and live well in spite of them.

Here in the Eastern US region, our organizer is Allen Drew.  He has a BA in biology from Harvard University, an MDiv from Westminster Seminary in Glenside, PA, is a member of the Climate Reality Project's leadership corps, and is an ordained pastor in the CRCNA.  He lives in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of NW Philadelphia and is a member of Spirit and Truth Fellowship in Hunting Park.  He is passionate about the climate crisis, about the faith community's engagement in it, and about how climate action comes together with justice for low income communities.  Reach out if you want to connect - he loves meeting new people and connecting them with what we're doing.


We organize faith communities to take action on climate.
We partner to build climate justice initiatives that benefit and empower low income communities.

The Climate Witness Project has regional organizers throughout the United States and Canada whom are doing all sorts of different and interesting things.  Here in the Eastern US region of the CWP, the majority of our work is in the Philadelphia metro area.  Our primary goals are twofold:

First, we are working to build congregation-based climate action teams.  These teams are made up of members of the faith community and they seek to do three things:

     1) run an education initiative to teach the community about the climate crisis and engage them on a faith basis; 

     2) lead the community through a household carbon footprint reduction campaign; and

     3) help them to take action beyond themselves through political advocacy and partnership in community climate initiatives.

Second, we are building climate justice initiatives with community partners to benefit low income communities.  Currently, our focus is on the North Philadelphia neighborhood of Hunting Park.  In this community, we are doing the following work:
     1) Partnering with local solar installer Solar States (www.solar-states.com) to build a rooftop solar initiative that will save money on installations for low income homeowners, provide free monthly trainings in the trade of solar installation, and generate money for a neighborhood climate justice fund that will be used to hire local labor to do cooling, greening, and energy efficiency projects for low income residents.

     2) Partnering with TreePhilly to get free yard trees to Hunting Park residents.

     3) Partnering with the Beat the Heat project to build a heat resilience network in Hunting Park (which has been shown to be up to 22 F hotter during summer heat waves than cooler parts of the city).