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CAMPAIGN 04 - Online Media Content Creation

As we do our work in the region we are consistently building online educational and informational resources to engage the public.

You can follow the CWP Eastern Region on Facebook at and join the CWP Eastern Region discussion group at

You can access a series of Biblically-based climate education presentations from our regional organizer, Allen Drew, at

You can access two series of HPCSI educational workshops on energy efficiency and weatherization, rooftop solar, and solar installation job training at

You can learn about how to reduce your carbon footprint at this website's Net Zero Household page.

You can access numerous other helpful theological and scientific resources on climate change and climate justice on this website's Resources page.

We are also currently involved in the production of 3 documentaries focused on climate justice work being done in the Philadelphia region.  We filmed a 6 part series with the CWP this past spring that we hope will be released this fall.  We are in touch with two other filmmakers in the area who are interested in documenting some of our work.  We will include links to all of these as soon as they are released.


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