PROJECT 04 - TreePhilly Partnership

This fall, we are working together with the Fairmount Park Commission's TreePhilly program to get free yard trees to residents in Hunting Park.  Trees hold enormous benefits for communities.  They provide shade, cool and filter the air, increase home values, create beauty, provide habitat for other native species, and improve psychological health.  In urban environments, there is some resistance to tree planting because the wrong kinds of trees have been planted in the past, breaking up sidewalks and sending roots into sewer pipes.  Urban arborists now know much more about the right kinds of trees to plant, with root systems that don't go as deep as the sewer pipes and growth tendencies that have less impact on sidewalks.  


Hunting Park will benefit greatly from trees, and so a big part of our role this fall will be to help educate people about these things so that they can joyfully receive a free tree from a long list of beautiful city-friendly choices.

TreePhilly more involved.jpg